Powder technique, also called powder brows, gives more of a make-up look but can also be set very subtly! Get up without (make-up) worries! Your eyebrows always perfectly in shape and no risks of running through or smearing your make-up. If this appeals to you, permanent makeup for your eyebrows is a good idea. The (semi) permanent make-up lasts for 2 to 3 years and fades slowly. At Permanent Beauty you can have your eyebrows refreshed annually, 1.5 annually or every two years. If you come after a year for the freshening up, it is cheaper than after 1.5 or 2 years. The follow-up treatment (included) is after 6-8 weeks. This ensures that spots that are not yet completely covered are pigmented again. This guarantees you the best result. We will coordinate the color with you and it depends on your skin, the color of your eyes and hair.

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tarieven microblading bij permanent beauty Hoofddorp
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In microblading, the specialist uses a special pen containing ultra-fine sterile needles in a row. The needles are dipped into the ink and then these pigments are scratched into the top layer of skin (dermis) in a sweeping and fluid movement. Small "strokes" are applied, which mimic real eyebrow hairs and are barely distinguishable from real ones. At Permanent Beauty we always combine microblading with shading for an even better effect. Microblading is less suitable for mature skin and very oily skin. The hair strokes will then remain less well. In this case, powder technology is a great alternative.

During the treatment, a follow-up treatment is necessary after about 6 weeks to perfect any imperfections. This post-treatment is included in the price.

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