At Permanent Beauty we now have the solution for removing badly placed permanent make-up.

Safe and effective 
In this technique, the capsule of the pigment is destroyed by one or more fluids introduced into the skin(s) with the permanent make-up machine, making it easier for the body to repel it (through the skin and lymphatic system). These fluids have a high PH-value and are therefore not aggressive to the skin. The method is safer and more effective than any other method. 

Multiple treatments needed
There's a tattoo in the skin and it's not like I can work miracles. Although the treatment(s) are very effective, often multiple treatments are needed to fade the makeup so that it can be corrected. This is also the case if you would have your permanent makeup lasered off, which generally requires multiple treatments. 

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Twijfelt u of het verwijderen van uw permanente make-up mogelijk is. Boek een vrijblijvend adviesgesprek. Ik kan dan het te behandelen gebied beoordelen en inschatten hoeveel behandelingen nodig zijn om uw permanente make-up te corrigeren. 


Example of too dark, grey eyebrows

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This is an example of eyebrows that are initially set too dark, that are not evenly pigmented and whose shape is not to the customer's liking. This lady is currently under treatment. When it is finished I will place the after pictures here. 

Don't keep walking with make-up that won't make you happy!