Our treatments explained in more detail

Pedicure treatments

At Permanent Beauty you can choose from various treatments. From a basic treatment to a deluxe treatment or partial treatments.

pedicure hoofddorp

Pedicure basic

The basic treatment includes:

  • disinfection of the feet and nail environment
  • nail cutting
  • smoothing of the nails
  • possibly thinning thickened nails
  • callus removal
  • removal of corns
  • grease with a rich caring cream

€ 31,50

pedicure hoofddorp

Pedicure deluxe

The basic treatment includes:

  • all parts of the basic treatment
  • optionally a paraffin wrap (for baby soft feet), an extensive foot and lower leg massage (wonderfully relaxing) or painting the nails

€ 40,-

pedicure floriande hoofddorp

Partial treatments:

  • cutting and smoothing the nails 
  • possibly thinning thickened nails
  • removal of a corn
  • Pressure release of an ingrown nail

€ 17,50