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Lip pigmentation

Why should you get your lips pigmented? Sometimes the natural color of the lips becomes lighter with age and you have almost colorless lips. In that case you can bring the color back into the lips and possibly. to correct imperfections (for example of the contour of the mouth). With permanent lip liner, an extremely precise line is drawn around the contours of your lips to accentuate them. Slight asymmetry can also be solved with this. Your own lip color is taken into account, creating a natural look. In addition, it is possible to give the lip liner a tint effect or even to add pigment to your lips, so that you no longer have to use lipstick. For women who have always wanted a natural lip line, this is the perfect solution.

Or do you opt for a shaded lip liner. This means that the lip line is first applied and then the inside of the contour line is colored with a shadow technique. Visible irregularities can be corrected with this. The shading technique makes this method subtle and natural.

You can also choose to have your lips fully colored, this is the perfect solution for lips with little color. First of all, the contour of the lip is drawn, after which the entire surface of the lip is colored. This gives full lips that shine!

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