Customer experiences 

I think it's important to know how my clients have experienced their treatment through me. So I always ask them to leave a review on Google so that my future clients can make a well-considered choice for a practice that suits them. Because I think there should be a click when you have such a drastic treatment done. Below you will find the customer experiences I have received and I am quite proud of what everyone has written. Clients also come back to have another treatment done so that gives me confidence. 

However, I can also imagine that you have doubts or just questions. In that case, a no-obligation consultation is a good idea. You can also book a consultation online. 



also called hairstrokes, is used to make the eyebrows appear fuller with thin lines. It is a form of tattoo



Always a perfect eyeliner? It is possible with permanent make-up. Never draw yourself again and always look sleepy. Do it!

Vanaf €136


Eyebrows set with powder technique resemble the eyebrows you draw yourself. Advantage, it's always right. It does not sprout, the shape is perfect.

Vanaf €295