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Permanente Make Up - Wake-up with make-up

Permanent make-up is ideal for everyone who is not so handy with a eyebrow pencil or eyeliner but still wants to look good every day. But even if you do have that skill, permanent make-up is an asset. It saves you time, costs of normal make-up and a lot of fuss in the early morning. Hot flashes? With permanent make-up you defy every hot flash you get. No more smudged eyebrows or eyeliner, isn't it wonderful? Because how nice would it be to wake up and notice that your make-up is already perfect. Tattooing your eyebrows or your eyeliner is also very nice when you're sick or age makes it difficult to apply your makeup or when you lost your eyebrow hairs due to a disease, because even if you have little or no eyebrows, it is possible with permanent make-up to create beautiful eyebrows again. At Permanent Beauty in Hoofddorp, we advise you on the shape and colour of your eyebrows and you can choose from various types of eyebrows and permanent eyeliners.

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Do you still have doubts about permanent make-up?

I can imagine that you have doubts about permanent make-up, after all it's a (semi) permanent make-up, a form of cosmetic tattoo. If you have doubts, it's wise to book a free consultation. Then you can ask your questions to me and I will tell you how the treatment works. 

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What do the customers say after a treatment?

What do the customers say after a treatment?