Permanent make-up

Permanent make-up is ideal for anyone who is not so handy with an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner but still wants to look well-groomed every day. But even if you do have that dexterity, permanent make-up is an asset. It saves you time, costs of normal make-up and a lot of hassle in the early morning. Hot flashes? With permanent makeup you defy every hot flush you get. No more wiped eyebrows or eyeliner, delicious right? Because how nice it would be to stand up and notice that your makeup is already perfect. Tattooing your eyebrows or tattooing your eyeliner is also great when you can't apply your make-up properly anymore due to illness or age. Even if you have few or no eyebrows anymore, with permanent make-up it is possible to create beautiful eyebrows again. At Permanent Beauty in Hoofddorp we like to advise you about shape and colour of your eyebrows and you can choose from different types of eyebrows and permanent eyeliners. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)



Veel mensen besteden (te) weinig aandacht aan hun voeten, terwijl zij dag in dag uit ons lichaam dragen. Krijgen jouw voeten de aandacht die ze verdienen? Hoewel aandacht besteden aan gezichtsverzorging voor iedereen heel normaal wordt gevonden, worden onze voeten vaak vergeten, terwijl zij toch veel te verduren hebben, Tijdens ons leven lopen we zo’n slordige 180.000 kilometer. Daarmee lopen wij dus allemaal 4x de wereld rond. Daarom is voetverzorging niet alleen zeer belangrijk, het is ook heerlijk en ziet er verzorgder uit. Waarom voetverzorging? Wanneer je niet regelmatig naar de pedicure gaat, kun je klachten krijgen zoals bijvoorbeeld eelt, likdoorns, ingegroeide nagels en daardoor pijnlijke voeten.

No less than 20% of the Dutch population suffers from foot complaints every year, with women on average having four times as many complaints as men. This is often caused by wearing (too high) heels.

Tijd voor een behandeling? Boek je afspraak op tijd, dat voorkomt teleurstellingen.

Microblading (hairstrokes)

Microblading or hairstroke technique is a form of permanent make-up. With a thin blade and natural pigment, wafer-thin lines (hairs) are scratched between the existing hairs (even if they are very few), giving the eyebrows a fuller, natural look. The hairs are placed in the natural growth direction of the eyebrows. After setting, you can hardly see which hairs are real and which are not.

Powderbrows/ Poedertechniek

With powder technique, the eyebrows are colored with a color that fits well with your skin and natural hair color. This means that with this form of permanent makeup, your eyebrows will look as if you have drawn them. The shape of your eyebrow can be improved/adjusted with this technique.


Do you always want to have a beautiful, perfectly drawn eyeliner? Then permanent make-up is an excellent alternative to drawing the eyeliner yourself every day. You can choose from different types of eyeliners. From a very thin eyeliner that is only put between the eyelashes to a designer eyeliner of 2 to 3 mm thick. Only above, below or both. Please contact us for the possibilities.

PMU Removal

Do you have permanent make-up that you are not satisfied with? With PMU Removal I can make the make-up much lighter (in some cases completely remove it) after which the permanent make-up can be corrected. Although our method is one of the most effective, permanent make-up removal consists of multiple sessions. Ask for the possibilities

Volume lash lift

Pretty long eyelashes, who wouldn't want that? You can choose eyelash extensions, but that doesn't suit everyone.
With a lashlift, your own lashes are lifted up, making them look a lot longer. Even with eyelashes pointing very straight forward or even downwards a fantastic result can be achieved. Complete the treatment with an eyelash dye and you are ready for the holidays. Also nice to give as a gift to your child, your wife, your mother or your girlfriend. Permanent Beauty has beautiful gift vouchers.


The demand for pedicure treatments is skyrocketing. People pay more attention to their external care, so also to their feet. Also due to old age, with accompanying (foot) complaints, we see an increase in the demand for qualified pedicures. At Permanent Beauty you can go for a basic and a deluxe treatment. We have no customer stop (yet). So book your appointment now!



also called hairstrokes, is used to make the eyebrows appear fuller with thin lines. It is a form of tattoo



Always a perfect eyeliner? It is possible with permanent make-up. Never draw yourself again and always look sleepy. Do it!

From €155


Eyebrows set with powder technique resemble the eyebrows you draw yourself. Advantage, it's always right. It does not sprout, the shape is perfect.

From €275